25 January 2017

Teachable Moments: Pride & Forgiveness

God has been really working on my heart lately. Recently he is teaching me more about his deep love and true forgiveness. Showing me that the depths of his mercy are certainly far greater than the depths of mine and indeed greater than I could ever imagine. 

God showed me that in my process of attempting to forgive, pride was my barrier. (You'd think it would be obvious right?) Well it wasn't obvious to me right away. But in his gentle and pure grace filled way, God showed me that his forgiveness, and my forgiving someone, has no "buts" about it. God is calling me to love like he loves. And that means I can't hold on to any "buts". I can't say "Okay God, I'll love them since you asked so nicely, but... I'm going to make sure they know what I think." Nope. That's not how it works. God is showing me that I have to give up any and all rights I have in the situation (aka pride). There is no entitlement in forgiveness. Forgiveness requires total self-sacrifice, its self-less love. 

I am still learning forgiveness in this situation, I have definitely not arrived. But God's grace is sufficient for me. If any new lessons come up I'll be sure to update you here. 

Micah 6:8
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly with your God.

Be Blessed Dear Friend,
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24 January 2017

Teach Us To Pray

God has blessed me so much lately. I have an amazing church family and an awesome church who is able to provide us with great learning opportunities. The past three weeks I have been attending School of Prayer at my church. It has been such a blessing to sit with my brothers and sisters and learn how to pray. Last night to finish the end of the three weeks of School of Prayer our Pastor shared with us what he knows about prayer and how he prays. It was so VERY valuable to me that I want to share that information here with you. 
This is the Pattern of Prayer my pastor shared with us... 
  1. Start with Thankfulness: First list reasons you are thankful for the Father, then the Son, then the Holy Spirit, then Angels then your church, then your pastor, then the local churches, then the Word of God, then your family.
  2. Next is a prayer of submission (Think Living Sacrifice)
  3. After that pray over your mind and thoughts, for protection, removal of distractions, that our minds would be filled with Heavenly Things and set upon Christ. 
  4. Next Pray over your ears. That they would be in tune with the spirit, that what enters them would be good and Holy. 
  5. Then your Eyes. That they would resist evil and temptation, that when you read scripture passages would jump out at you. 
  6. Then you Lips: that they would speak blessing and not curses. That they would be full of grace seasoned with salt, that they would speak the truth in love. 
  7. Then pray over yourself the Armor of God (Read Ephesians 6)
  8. Next is the prayer of self-examination. Ask God to examine your heart and show you anything you need to confess, change, or forgive. ***Note: be willing to forgive before you ask God for forgiveness.
  9. Pray that any accusations the enemy makes would not stick to you. 
  10. Then express love to God in prayer. 
  11. Then pray for your family, Ask God to show you what is going on in your family, Declare the truths of Scripture over them. ***Note: Google scripture of protection & Blessing. 
  12. Pray for your spouse or future spouse.
  13. After you pray you can take a moment to digest what God has spoken to you today. Sometimes he is quiet but know that even when he is quiet he is with you and loves you. 
  • Don't just chase feelings when you pray
  • Be Present: Praying out loud helps you to stay focused.
  • Doubt: puts bugspray on everything you just prepared, it steals your effectiveness. (Think The Office episode were Dwight Bug-sprayed all the food.)
  • How can I help not to doubt?
  • Doubt is a product of your heart.
  • Faith Comes by Hearing the Word
  • You Don't have to understand the seed in order for the seed to grow.
  • Read & MEMORIZE the word.
  • Note: Identify your biggest doubt and google scriptures that silence it. Post them up memorize them. Stay with it for at least a week. 
  • Note: God will never speak to you in a way that doesn't require Faith. 
  • Pray for Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, and Discernment. 

I hope this information is as helpful to you as it is to me!


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14 December 2016

Right Where I Am

Today has been a crazy day. But tonight as I sit in my quiet home in front of my pretty Christmas tree, I am feeling very thankful. I am so thankful for God's grace and love for me. I am thankful that he meets me right where I am. I am thankful he looks at me as his beloved daughter, imperfect but beautiful. I'm very grateful that in the chaos God is my peace and focus. I'm thankful that he is teaching me more of who he is every day. I am thankful of his great love for me and each one of us. I'm grateful that he loves everyone more than I love them. I am thankful he is deeply compassionate and abounding in love. I am grateful he gives me everything I need exactly when I need it. His provision is perfect and he does not fail me. I feel so blessed that God has done so much in my life that I could not remember it all to write down. 

God is our Hope.
God is enormous Blessing.
God is true. 
God is faithful.
God is compassionate.
God is full of mercy.
God is wise above wisdom.
God is love.

Be encouraged Sisters, God is very good.

<3 Hillary

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