09 April 2013

A Prayer For You

Almighty Father,
           Today I come to you with the knowledge of the pain and suffering of this world, of the seemingly unbearable things. I thank you for pain on this earth because it provides us with a reference for healing and joy. However, pain is still painful. God I ask that today you would walk with us wherever we are, that you would lead us when we need direction. Quiet our hearts when we need to hear your voice and your steadfast love. Awaken our spirit to your work, that we may take part in the good things that you have for us today. Let us not miss opportunities to share in your work and fellowship. When we grieve, be right there with us, weep along side us. Help us to be satisfied with you. Embrace our hearts with your unfailing love. Move us to acts of goodness and obedience. Help us when we are weak. Stand in the gap and be our strength. May we always trust in you, and rely on you every moment. Rejoice with us in our joyful moments, may we ever praise you. Thank you for your unending love. Help us to forgive each other as you have forgiven us. Let us not hold grudges in our hearts. Let us not forget your power is greater than that of this world. What is impossible for us, IS POSSIBLE with you. We are never defeated in sin, because you have already brought us victory. Thank you for hearing our prayers. I love you with all of my heart.
Your daughter, Hillary

A note to the reader,
Today this is my prayer for you. Though I may not know your name or your face, God knows you down to the number of hairs on your head. We may speak different languages and live a world apart, but God is unchanging. Put your trust in Him today, he will be faithful, he keeps his promises. <3 Hillary

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