18 May 2013

To The Younger Me...

Don't waste time worrying, everything works out for your good.
Keep trusting in God while your waiting for him to answer, he is faithful and will keep the promises that he made to you.
Do your best in all things but remember it's okay to be imperfect.
If you have an opportunity to know someone take it.
Don't hesitate to be a friend with someone new.
God's grace IS sufficient for you.
Life is difficult sometimes but God is bigger.
Let go and let God, he won't let you down.
Forgive even when it hurts, if you don't you will only hurt yourself in the end.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Work hard but play harder

Younger Me-(Britney)
Trust that God has it all under control even when you don't see it.
You are worth it to God, despite the lies the world tells you.
Forgive those who have hurt you in the past even though it comes at a cost.
People  will hurt you, but God never will.
God loves you more than you can even imagine.
Guard your heart, it's precious in his sight.
God's plans are so much better than your own.
Strive to be the kind of women that shines God's love in all aspects of your life.
God can satisfy you way more than ANY person ever could or will.
singlnesss isn't a curse, it's a beautiful season of life.

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