05 June 2013

Making the Most Of Singleness

Founders Note:  Today's post is by Erin Elizabeth from Sweetness Itself. We connected on twitter and  asked her to guest post because her blog really encouraged us. Today she shares her thoughts on singleness. Join us as we rest in Erin's words about this sometimes hard, but beautiful season of life. Be sure to check below to learn more about Erin!

Waiting isn’t easy. In fact, the idea of waiting in general is pretty much frowned upon and avoided in our society. We get mad when we’re delayed and have to wait in traffic. We get annoyed  in line at the Starbucks drive-thru when it takes forever. We don’t like having to wait to get what we want. Ever. Waiting is definitely not fun, and it’s rarely easy. But sometimes, it’s a necessary and healthy part of life. And in matters of the heart, waiting for God’s plan and timing in romance can produce beautiful results! Not just the “end result” of a God-written love story and a future spouse who the Lord brings into your life at the right time, but in your own heart! Being a mid-late twenty-something who is unmarried, I know a thing or two about waiting. When I was 13 years old, I gave God the “pen” to write my love story, and I asked Him to prepare my heart and bring my future husband into my life in His timing. It’s been 13 years since I prayed the prayer, “God, I want one man, one man only and I want YOU to pick him out.” And waiting isn’t always easy. But I know that someday, if God’s plan is for me to get married, He will bring “my man” along. And until then? I have learned (through gritted teeth, at times – let’s keep it real here!) that singleness is not a bad thing nor is it a curse. It can be a beautiful, rare, special time and it can be embraced… and enjoyed!  And I’d like to share with you a few ways I am learning to embrace this season and live it to the fullest for God! 

1.       Look for the Good. Every season of life includes valleys and mountain peaks – blessings and difficulties. No season is perfect. And I think that sometimes we singles tend to view the dream of marriage someday as perfection itself. A time we when will blissfully ride off into the sunset with our Prince and live a happily ever after life forever. But life is not a storybook. And challenges are a part of each season. Just as marriage is full of blessings and joys, singleness is too! I firmly believe that if you look for the good, you will find it. And this is true for all the chapters in our lives. In marriage, we may be blessed with companionship, comfort, romance, love, and new beginnings (such a babies!) Yet in singleness we can be equally blessed – with freedom, unique opportunities to serve, travel, and give to others, time to learn and grow personally, and chances to follow our dreams in exciting ways! 

2.       Use the Season to Grow. As Dolly Parton once said, “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” Use the season to find out who you are – what are your dreams, goals, plans? Find out what you’re passionate about. Try new things! Spend time with older women who can speak into your life and mentor you, sharing their wisdom and life experience with you. Rather sitting around and moping or desperately searching around for eligible bachelors to marry, use the season to work on yourself. Make a list of qualities you want in a husband, and then turn it around and make a list of qualities that kind of a man would desire in a wife! Work on those areas every day. It will pay off and you’ll be thankful! 

3.      Practice Skills that Will Benefit Your Future Marriage. Take a cooking class! Offer to babysit the children of your married friends and offer to help mamas you know take care of their homes and little ones – hands on experience will benefit you later! Practice communication skills, read books about relationships and marriage. Learn how to budget your money wisely. Practice organizing your schedule. Practice resolving conflict with friends and family, communicating well, thinking of others, being thoughtful and content. Even if you don’t get married someday, what a beautiful opportunity we have  in singleness to serve God and love on other people. 

4.      Fall in Love with God. When you have a place in your heart that feels unfulfilled and all you desire is someone to love, do not despair. The Lord is the Lover of your Soul, He created you, and He loves you. Singleness is a special time. Some people are given singleness as a gift for just a few short years, while God sees fit to give others many years to walk out this season. Whether single or married, we are all loved by God equally. But in singleness we are offered a unique opportunity – to embrace and enjoy the time with God; a time that He sets aside for just 
you and Him. A time to spend reading His Word, praying, worshiping Him with your life, and allowing Him to love you. A time free of the distraction that may come with the responsibility of a husband, home, and children. Embrace this season, for it can be beautiful and rare. Don’t get caught up in your circumstances or loneliness, instead look to God – and receive His love as you become a more beautiful, full, mature person! 

Meet Erin!---Erin is a faith and lifestyle blogger at www.sweetnessitself.blogspot.com and writer here at Quite Magazine! You can find her writing articles about dating, relationships, purity, and waiting on God in relationships.  She is a Southern (California) Belle in love with Jesus and she adores lipstick, glamping, country music, football, and chai tea lattes. She is currently authoring her first eBook! Erin loves to encourage young women to know how loved and precious they are!

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