01 July 2013

Devotional Monday: Singleness in the Chirstian Culture + July Beauty Introduction

One of our readers asked us to talk about how the christian culture affects us as single women. You know, that feeling after you get out of college, you feel like everyone is getting married/engaged. Or there are those well meaning people in your life that constantly bug you about finding the one. You may feel this way when going to all of the weddings that you keep getting invited to, at times this can make you feel alone. In those times when you feel as though everyone around you is pressuring you to get married or find the one, remember that God always meets you right where you are at. No matter what season of life you are in. Let God take the pen, and focus on what God's plans and not your own.
As we move into July, we are exploring  beauty with the  goal  to dig through our bibles and seek what God has to say about this particular topic. Beauty lies in the pages of God's word, and we as women are called to seek all that he has for us, even when we are in a season of singleness as we focused on last month. As we talk about beauty this month we hope that you are encouraged and captivated by the beauty that God's words hold.

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