14 August 2013

Getting a Glimpse of How God See's me

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have Ashley from Grace to Grow. She sent us her post via email  and once we read it, we emailed her back and told her we definitely wanted to use it! Today she is sharing her heart on this months theme self worth, be sure to connect with her at the links below! 

I sin.
I fall down and get stained by the mud and dirt of this fallen world.
I mess up.
The more I fall, the easier it is to just stay down.
The more I fall, the worse I feel.
What’s the point of trying to get back up when I’m constantly failing? It’s inevitable. I’ll fall again.
For a lot of my life, the “falling down” was the focus of my Christian walk. Any time I messed up, I’d be overcome with guilt. I couldn’t pray. I couldn’t let God see me like this. He’d be so disappointed in me. It was better to just stay away.
There’s one problem with this kind of thinking. It’s a lie.
A lie straight from hell.
Because as children of God through the blood of Jesus, our Father never looks at our dirt and mud in disappointment. No, He looks upon us with compassion and longing and a love so fierce, it’s gut-wrenching.
In most world religions, the believer is required to earn her status. Work her way up. Do good deeds to please her god.
Those are man-made religions.
We don’t serve a God made by human minds.
See, our God used a different method. Because honestly, who of us is slightly capable of earning any good merit?
Our God took the required burden upon Himself in an epic story of redemption.
We must understand, God didn’t become a man named Jesus out of reluctant obligation. He wasn’t thinking, “ugh… well, guess I gotta go fix this myself.”
Our God was pleased to live and die as Christ. (Colossians 1:19-20)
He delights in redeeming the broken. He desires to pull us close. He aches to have us near. All He asks is that we understand this and believe.
As I try to wrap my head around this foreign idea, I get a small glimpse of how He sees me.
I am His beloved daughter. He loves me with a longing I can’t comprehend. He is ever pleased with me. He does not shake His head or roll His eyes at my feeble attempts to do life. No, He sees perfection when He looks at me.
When we come into the Christian life we don’t do it alone without a helper.
We come in alongside the Mediator. The Intercessor. The Man Himself.
We come in holding tightly to the hand of Jesus. And as soon as we take His hand, we are stricken with perfection.
Every disease healed. Every blemish erased. Every mistake forgotten.
We are seen through the eyes of Love. Nothing less.
And not only does He just love us, He understands us. Unfathomably.
“How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension!” Psalm 147:5
In those moments when my husband just doesn’t get me, or the times when I’m feeling a little guilty because I snapped at my kids, God sees. And He understands.
He understands our frustrations. Our failures. Even our sinful struggles.
He understands because He made us and He knows us inside and out.
He sees the very makeup of our spirit and He longs for us to give it over to Him so He can lovingly and gently mend it for us. So He can piece it back together and smooth it over to perfection.
Are you struggling to see how God sees you? Do you feel as if He’s disappointed in you, as if you’ve strayed too far away? Don’t let the enemy deceive you, my friend. Step out of that lie and into the all consuming love of the Father.
He waits for you there.

Meet Ashley:
I'm Ashley, the amateur mom and wife. I blog at Grace to Grow where I try to be transparent about my struggles and how Jesus is teaching me through His amazing grace. My hope is to be an encouragement to young and inexperienced moms and wives... the amateurs, the novices, the newbies... the girls like me! connect with her on her blog: Grace to Grow


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us Ashley. It is truly an encouragement.

  2. GOD Bless
    Very interesting xxx
    Please check this out
    It is inspirational and amazing

    1. I am glad you were encouraged! Thanks we will definitely check that out :)


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