06 August 2013

Renewed in Christ

Founders Note: Today on the blog, we have our monthly contributor Kiki, from In It's Time. She is sharing her heart on this months theme Self worth! 

My family has been doing some major cleaning around here. And by cleaning, I mean spring cleaning during the hot and sunny days of summer. We've been tossing out old perler bead creations, recycling old magazines that we saved for random projects, and discovering old craft projects that we never did finish. All of that cleaning oddly enough put me in reminiscing-mode. A mode where I found myself thinking back on childhood, teenage, and even more recent memories. And somewhere, somehow, I unfortunately began thinking remembering old middle and high school ID cards. You know, those business card sized laminated cards with your school's mascot and your ever-so-lovely school photo? Yeah. Don't ask why, but I still have all seven of mine (6th-12th grade). And while I have no desire to relive those years, it got me to think about my identity and how I identify and value myself. In particular, about where and in whom I base my identity on. And as I got to thinking, I found myself ashamed at the fact that I was basing my identity and worth off of worldly things. Worldly qualities, worldly behaviors, and worldly traits. And while I do live here on earth, am I supposed to base my identity off of that? It's true that I'm an introvert, an organization-lover, sinner, blogger, and sister. But I'm also a believer. And a follower, daughter, and lover of Jesus Christ. And if I claim and believe that He is the number one in my life, isn't that the most important identity for me to have? Isn't my worth in Him worth more than all the money in my bank, all the clothes in my closet, and all the grades in my transcript? And why am I hiding my identity in Him, leaving it as the last thing I say about myself in public? My identity in Him shouldn't be hidden so deep in my heart that others cannot see or sense it. It should be evident, on the surface, and as clear as day. Clearly evident in the words that leave my mouth, in the words that I type up, and in the things I either do or even refrain from doing. His identity should be larger than all of my worldly traits combined because He is greater than me. Greater in power, greater in love, and greater in mercy.

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