21 August 2013

The Circle Linkup: Summer Bucket List Recap

Today were linking up once again with Kiki who is one of our monthly contributors( be sure to check her out on our about page, if you haven't already) And the awesome women of God over at In it's Time. She is definitely one of those blogging friends that I hope to meet someday, i just love her!  And when we first started this blog, she was a big help when we needed to know how to do something.   So, as summer comes to an end, here are the goals I accomplished. 
  • Go to the beach -- - This was one of my goals this summer and my family and I did make it to the beach this summer, which wasn't hard since we live near Lake Michigan. 
  •  Save money for Grad school-- Well this didn't really happen, I am looking at different schools and hoping to find one that I can maybe start at in January. so we will see. 
  •  Have a all girls weekend--I did see some of my friends this summer at a wedding in PA for my dear friend Becky. I also got to spend a few days with my best friend! So even though we are not planning on our girls weekend until October, at least we got to spend some time with each other.  
  • Continue to reach young women with this blog--These past few months The Quiet Place has grown, and we have reached other young women. We had our first giveaway in celebration of getting 100 likes on Facebook.  Which I can't believe cause we have only existed 9 months, we turn 1 year old in December, so if you wanna guest post for that, let us know!  We have some awesome things planned for next month  so be sure to check back for that! Also be sure to stop by Anchors Aweigh tomorrow cause we are being featured in a sponsor post!  
so there you have it, that's what I accomplished. Hopefully I can get to the beach some more times before summer is really over.  


  1. Wow, so many great things have happened this summer for you! :) I am especially amazed at the growth and number of women you've reached out to with this blog. The blogworld never fails to surprise me (at least that's what I've learned since I started blogging!).

    p.s. Thanks for all of those sweet words, Britney! It would be great to meet you too someday!

    1. it's been a good summer.
      Yes, I've definitely learned that too since starting this blog. God definitely had bigger plans for it, than I ever thought. I am excited to see where God takes it in the future!
      Your welcome my dear! I meant every word, you truly inspire me! Your heart for God and others is contagious, thanks for that. And yes, i definitely think it would be awesome to meet you someday!


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