13 August 2013

You are Worthy

Founders Note: Today on the blog, we have Charity our newest monthly contributor and one of our sponsors here on the Quiet Place. Today she is sharing her heart on this months theme self worth. Be sure to check out her blog The Word of a Nerd

One phrase we do not hear often is self worth, but we talk about self esteem from childhood. Parents will try and build your self esteem by encouraging you and reminding you of what you are good at. My mom helped to encourage my self esteem by telling me how great of a reader, dancer, actor, etc I was. Your parent's probably said the same to you at some point too. 

_________ you are so good at _________, keep it up! 
Your Name                              talent/uniqueness

While it's wonderful to know that we have good things about us it is more important that we know our self worth. In self worth we understand that without talents, skills, qualities and physical attributes we are still necessary to life. Self worth is knowing that you have value not for any particular reason other than being made in the image of God. Self worth is knowing that you are valuable, lovable, necessary, and worthy. It means you are great than the sum of your parts. You are greater than your talent or uniqueness, greater than what society says you should be. 

It's normal to want to feel good about yourself and the qualities that make you, You! But those feeling are fleeting and when you don't feel good about your hair or your achievements that is where self worth comes. When you understand your self worth you say "So What! Even though my hair looks a mess I am valuable. So What! Even though this job gave the promotion to someone else I know I am still necessary to life." When you have self worth you allow nothing good or bad to determine how worthy your are - because God chose you.

Self esteem can only work if we understand our self worth. The best thing about our self worth is that no one can take it away. God gave us worth and value from the moment he gave us life. He thought that we were so worthy that He gave the life of His Son so that we might be saved, John 3:16. We are so lovable that our wonderful Father God sings over us with joy, Zephaniah 3:17. We were so important to God that He carefully crafted us and we were wonderfully made before we had taken one breath, Psalm 139:13-16.

I am so guilty of using skills, talents, or milestones to define my worth, but I am reminded that they don't. If you are tempted to look for your worth know that it can only be found in God.


  1. "This best thing about our self worth is that no one can take it away." GREAT word. Finding worth in Christ is vital. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I was once told that I knew my self-worth, but I had low self-esteem. Until that time, I didn't think about the fact that there is a difference between self-worth and self-esteem. Your blog post reminded me of that. Our self-worth is based on knowing who we are in Christ. Our self-esteem is usually based on what we believe others think of us, but it too should be based on what God believes about us.


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