20 September 2013

Floundering For Prayer

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have Deb. Deb is a friend of my family and I have known her my entire life. She is my mother's best friend and also happens to live across the street. Today she is sharing her thoughts about prayer so soak it up!

Prayer is a subject I have given much thought. I feel that I am not very eloquent when I pray and thus my prayers are often short and do not seem to come gracefully to an end. Sometimes, prayer feels like just a bunch of sentences rolled together. I have found that conversation is much easier to pray and so instead of rambling, I just say things like "Thank you for your beautiful earth, or I am so grateful I was born American". 

There are times though, when I want to be more solemn and turn to the Lord's Prayer. However, that becomes like rote after a while and your mind wanders even while repeating it. So... I decided to try personalizing it. Wow what a difference! MY father who art in heaven. Give ME this day MY daily bread. All of a sudden, I am paying very good attention! It forces me to focus on changing all the us’s and we's to I's and me's. 

So, if you also struggle with this important aspect of your relationship with Christ I suggest giving it a try.

My Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
Give me today my daily bread.
And forgive me my debts,
    as I also have forgiven my debtors.
And lead me not into temptation,
    but deliver me from the evil one.
Matthew 6

(Deb is on the right)
Deb is a retired teacher's aide with 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren; who loves her church family and strives to live a Christ filled life. 

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