24 September 2013

Praying For Your Husband

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have Elizabeth from Oak and Oats, so be sure to check her out! She is sharing her heart on this months theme prayer, so we hope you are encouraged! 

hello! my name is elizabeth and i am so excited to be over here at the Quiet Place today! most days i am over at Oak + Oats, a lifestyle blog focussed on being rooted and nourished in Truth! you can also find me on instagram where i share my daily favorites, my facebook, bloglovin', and my twitter. i am thrilled to be talking about praying for your husband! it has made such a difference in my marriage. and all you singles out there too... i bet there is something in here you can be encouraged by too!

it had to have been 5 or 6 months ago when i dear friend of mine and i were sitting down to starbucks and sharing about life. we both voiced the need and desire we had to be faithful in prayer to our husbands but we rarely made time to pray for them specifically and purposefully. we wanted to be supportive wives - not bitter ones. we wanted to build our husbands up - not tear them down. we wanted to make prayer for them part of our schedule and daily routine. 

it wasn't long later when my friend came back to me with this prayer list she found. she had already started praying them over her husband and was enjoying having scripture that went along with each little paragraph. she printed off a copy for me and i went straight home to start writing on notecards each prayer. when you read the list here you will see that they are all written "pray that your husband..." when i began writing them down, i wanted to make them more personal so i wrote each card " i pray that bruce..."

i wrote a couple and left them on the table as i ran off to do errands. bruce asked me later that night if i thought he was a bad husband because he read through the cards and saw that specific things were being prayed for like "i pray bruce would see his sin" and " i pray bruce will stay faithful to his wedding vows" and then i would have multiple references at the bottom like i really was doing my research. i was taken aback and responded with " no i am praying for you to prevent things like that and just cover you in prayer..." it was weird, life moved on, and i stopped writing the cards and praying intentionally.

flash forward to last week. bruce and i were running about doing the same old same old when he asked me out of nowhere if i still prayed for him with those cards. i said no and talked about how i thought he thought it was weird and made up excuses of why i stopped. he said "i wish you would. i really appreciated that" i was shocked because i thought he really wasn't on board with the whole card prayer list but it made me want to run back all the more to those cards and finish.

now i can pray one prayer a day. specific and intentional. if i have time and want to dive into it more i have references to research and commentaries to look up. or i can just pray in the car. or during my devotions...

i want you to think about it. satan desires to destroy your husband. he wants to break him. he wants to tear down his character, his relationship with you, and his role of a father. trust that by daily surrendering your husband to the Lord that the Lord would move and live in your husband and help him lead you and your family well.  

the heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. 
she does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life"
proverbs 31: 11-12

i wish that i finished the cards months ago. that i was faithful in prayer for bruce even when he was unsure why i was praying. because i want to create that habit and i want to be a wife who does my husband good. but now is better than never and i am starting now. 

i highly encourage you to pray for your husband. i think it is one of the most important things us wives can do for them. if you want to use the templet and verses that i used click here. or you can just make your own prayers up. either way make sure you are daily lifting up your man. imagine the impact you both can have for the kingdom if you stay faithful in prayer! 

thoughts? comments? what are ways that you are intentional about "doing your husband good?"


  1. This is great! I was noticing lately that I was praying more specifically for my husband while we were dating and even before I met him—praying that his mind would be protected, that his body would remain healthy and that he would continue to wait for me as I waited for him.

    Now that we're married (I've been married a little over a year), I've noticed that my prayers have switched to more reflect the specific tasks rather than his spiritual health.

    Thanks for the great idea—I love the concept of focusing on one aspect a day, it seems much less overwhelming


  2. I totally agree with this post. The enemy is after marriages he seeks to bring discord where there is peace. He doesn't want marriages to be happy or a representation of Christ's love for the church. I pray daily for my husband and lately I have been more aware of how sin creeps up into our marriage by pride, nagging, complaining or discontentment. I have made a conscious effort with prayer to overcome this thing a in our marriage. Thank you for this reminder!

  3. Wow, this is so great! I am engaged and have been writing prayers in a prayer journal over my fiancé for about a year & 1/2 now. I love when you said- "imagine the impact you both can have for the kingdom if you stay faithful in prayer!" So true. The notecards are a fantastic idea! Thanks for posting this.

    Lauren @ how Beautiful Are The Feet

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