15 September 2013

Teachable Moments: Season of Preparedness

This morning the sermon was about David and how God used the early years in David's life to prepare him for his later years.

David was the youngest son and he was often left to tend the sheep. As a shepherd, David had to face the challenge of warding off predators including lions and bears with only a knife and a sling shot. David didn't know it yet, but God was going to use his skill as a protecting shepherd to prepare him for victory over the Philistine champion Goliath.

God also used other instances in David's life to prepare him for the future. When David was young, he learned to play instruments. David became such a good musician that he was known for playing well. In fact, he was so good that King Saul's servants called upon him to work in the Kingdom. So David would play music to soothe Saul's Spirit so that he could sleep. God used David's skill with music to prepare a place for him in the kingdom where he would eventually serve as king. Working in the Kingdom provided David the opportunity to familiarize himself with the way things worked. It also allowed him to get to know the people around the kingdom in preparation for his future as king.

After hearing the sermon this morning I recognized that I too am in a season of preparedness. As a graduate student studying to be the best social worker I can be, God is preparing me. He is preparing me for whatever challenges lie ahead.

All of my prior experiences have prepared me for where I am today. My experience with different roommates has prepared me for living with my current roomies. My experience as a student leader has prepared me to lead my life by example in the best way I know how. My experience as a friend has taught me how to be a good one. And the list goes on...

What is going on in your life right now? What does it look like? Could God be preparing you for what lies ahead?

Perhaps like me, you are also in a season of preparedness.

So let's embrace it. May we take this time of learning and adjusting to absorb every skill and ability that we can. Who knows, God just might have somewhere he can use them.

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