03 September 2013

The Power of Prayer

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Not too long ago, I had the chance to pray with a few other Sunday School teachers that I work with. To preface this story-of-sorts, I should probably tell you that I'm pretty much the definition of an introvert and at first, I wasn't too keen on praying out loud. At the time, I was one of those girls who preferred letting someone else pray. Don't get me wrong, I love prayer--I just prefer praying on a more one-on-one conversation. You know, just me and God.
God used that short time of prayer for a little lesson for this girl over here. He reminded me that prayer with just Him is important, but it's also important to share in prayer time with others. God created all of us for a reason. For community, for friendship, and for support. And while I'm still only getting my feet wet in spending time in prayer with others, I'm learning each and every day how important community is and how powerful prayer really is.
Prayer is more than just a one-sided conversation, friends. At times it may seem like you're the only one talking, but know that God is always listening to you. He may not respond with a deep booming voice, but He does hear you and wants to speak to and through you.
Prayer is powerful stuff. Powerful, life-changing, and amazing stuff, amen?


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    1. Glad you were encouraged Chelsea!

    2. Thanks, girl! I'm also glad you were encouraged by this and also excited that you agree with me in how life changing prayer really is, too! :)

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    1. Thanks, Sarah! You have no idea how much of an encouragement this is for me! :)


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