01 October 2013

If You could travel anywhere in the world, Where would you go?

Today on the blog, we have three of the lovely ladies that are on our sidebar this month! We asked them the question, If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Samantha:  There are many places I would love to travel too, I pin like crazy all the lovely places I would like to go. And this past year we've done a lot of traveling.
However, all of our family lives in a small town in Missouri and with the holiday's approaching, I more then happy to spend time there surrounded by friends and family that we don't often get to see.

Hi! I'm Samantha! I run a lifestyle blog, Elah Tree, and a shop full of lovely little accessories. I'm a huge fan of creativity and art. And I also love encouraging others to pursue their creative dreams! 
I spend my every days in Southern California doing life with Husband. I blog about whatever life brings my way, so you'll find a whole lot of everything.

Susannah: This is such a hard question!  I love to travel and currently have about 100 places on my travel bucket list.  I think my #1 pick right now would be Italy...  Closely followed by Ethiopia or Taiwan so I can show my husband, Nate, around those two places that are such an integral part of my life.

Hi there!  I'm Susannah and I blog at Simple Moments Stick  I'm a newlywed, living with my handsome hubby in Portland, Oregon.  (Do you live nearby?  I'd LOVE to meet you IRL!)  Nate and I have been married about two years but I definitely still give us newlywed status.  Maybe we'll always be newlyweds...  Simple Moments Stick is a place where I share all aspects of my life.  One day you I might share a silly youtube video, another day I might talk about my faith, and a third day I might flaunt how awesome my husband is.  (Although, he thinks that should be ALL I blog about)  My heart behind my blog is to connect with other women around the country (and world!) to love on and encourage one another.  Come on over and visit!  Make sure you leave a comment so I know you stopped by and I'd LOVE to become your friend!!!

CharityIf I could go anywhere in the world I would chose to go to India. I've been in love with the beauty, the food, the culture, and the people that make up the country of India since I saw my first Bollywood movie. I am not naive and I know one movie does not account for the whole of India. I just think it's a beautiful place and though there is a large amount of poverty in the country I would love to go there and see what I could do. I dream of eating fresh naan bread while ministering to widows and young girls. I would love to adorn a beautiful sari in pink and share in the tasks of preparing a traditional Indian vegetarian meal. I would like to experience the traditions of India while spreading the Gospel to God's people there.

Hello There. I'm Charity and I blog over at The Word of A Nerd. I am a lover of Jesus and a Wife to an awesome Nerdy Guy that I met in a grocery store. I'm professional story teller and I do that through photography, but I get the greatest joy from being Wife and a Homemaker. On my blog I share about my life as I Eat, Pray, and Love. I enjoy writing about cooking and baking, my love for Christ, my life as a wife, and every now and again I like to share an awesome DIY project. I am a vegan, I love to travel, and I love doing things to care for the earth. My passions included encouraging women both those that are single and married, caring for widows, and using my infertility story to bring God glory. I am thrilled to be sharing here and I hope to encourage some of you beautiful people in your walk with Christ. You can keep up with me at the links below:  BLOGLOVIN||TWITTER||FACEBOOK||INSTAGRAM

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