08 October 2013

So much More

Founders Note: Today on the blog we one of our monthly contributors Kiki, from In it's Time. Be sure to find out more about her on our about page here. She is sharing her heart on this months theme Identity in Christ. So we hope you are encouraged! And be sure to check out her blog, cause it's awesome! 

When I first heard that this month's topic is on our Identity in Christ, my mind immediately went to this poster I found on Pinterest a few months ago. Created for Donald Miller's blog, Storyline, this poster is full of just a few of the identities we can claim as children of God. We are beloved, we are His children, we are forgiven, and never alone. We are wonderfully (and beautifully) made, we are whole, we are new, and we are adopted, too. That's quite a long list, isn't it? But it's such a good one. One filled with hope, with encouragement, comfort, and security. Sisters, we are all of those things in that list and so much more. It's easy to think that our identities are based on our accomplishments, our educations, our genetics, our salaries, jobs, and appearances. But we are more than that. Our true identities lie in Christ. We are made new each and every day, amen? And with each day, comes the opportunity to discover yet another identity that we have in Jesus Christ.

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