12 November 2013

November Sponsor Post: Favorite Thanksgiving Food

Today on the blog we have two of the lovely ladies on our sidebar this month! So we hope you will check out each of their blogs at the links below. We have asked them the question: What's your favorite thanksgiving food?

My favorite thanksgiving food is: Stuffing and pumpkin pie. My mom makes really good stuffing, and pumpkin pie is my favorite!

What's your Favorite Thanksgiving food? 

Kiki: My favorite Thanksgiving food is by far my mom's homemade stuffing. It's got all of the important food groups and I could honestly eat it any time of the year. Just thinking about it makes me excited for Thanksgiving!
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Vanessa: My favorite Thanksgiving food is deviled eggs. It's the only time of year I eat them really.

So we ask you, what's your favorite thanksgiving food?
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