06 November 2013

The Circle: All about Travel

So Today we are linking up with one of our awesome monthly contributors and dear blogging friend Kiki from In it's Time. This months linkup is all about Travel, Kiki and her co-host have asked: to either share a dream trip or share a favorite trip that we have already been on. 
What's my favorite trip? My family and I take a family trip to Siesta Key, Florida every year in May, and it's definitely one of my favorite trips. We are going back this year in may, but i would love to go with friends. Sit on beach and soak up the sun all day, that sounds good to me.
My dream trip would be to Hawaii, I've always wanted to go. I've only seen it in pictures and it looks so beautiful! Also i think it would be fun to go to NYC on a blogging retreat, so i could meet some my blogging friends. We could have a week filled with talking about jesus and sharing our hearts with each other over coffee and good food. That would be a so nice. 

photo from here
So i ask you, what would be your dream trip? or is there a favorite trip you've been on but would love to go back! And be sure to link up with Kiki over at in it's time.


  1. Ooh, you picked some great places! I've been to Hawaii twice (I actually have some relatives on the islands) and aside from all of the tourists, it really is a beautiful state to visit. Maybe the blogging retreat could be there? :)

    And the family trips to Florida sound beautiful! I've never heard of Siesta Key but that sunset photo is so pretty.

    Thanks for linking up, Britney!

    1. Your lucky! That's sweet!
      ummm...YES! let's have the blogging retreat there, that would be sweet!!
      You should go girl! It's beautiful, the sand on the beach there is white, so pretty!


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