16 December 2013

Devotional Monday: Unending Grace

As i think about this months theme: trusting in God, I am reminded that his plans are way better than my own. He knows what I need, even when I'm sure that my "plan" is better. I am also reminded of the grace that he so freely gives to me, especially in those times when I don't always trust his good and perfect plan. 

I am learning to be thankful for where I'm at instead of where I'm not, yes it's hard sometimes, i would be lying  to you if I said it was easy, cause it's not. But in the midst of the hard yet impatient seasons of my life, I am thankful for the grace that he so freely gives me each and every day. I was reading a devotional on grace a while ago, and what it said resonated with me so much, i am going to share it with you now: when we give someone grace it feels like were losing. It's like where telling them it's okay that you hurt me, when in our minds it's so not.

When i think about this concept, i am reminded of God's grace, because he gives it to us even when we don't listen or we run away from him all together. He is right there laying it all out there waiting for us to just take it, just like his trust. He wants us to trust in his good and perfect plan, desipite what we think might be better.
My prayer is that you and  i would trust in his good and perfect plan for my life, and accept his grace which he gives so freely to each and every one of us.


  1. What a great reminder. I loved reading "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voscamp. It went through some of these concepts and helped me se how blessed my life is with all that our Perfect Father has given me. His love is enough. And where He has deemed right for me is the best possible place for me to be, even if it doesn't match up with what I thought should have been.

    1. so true!
      It's really made me see what i have to be thankful for and how his love his enough, and that everything will work out in his time and not my own.


"Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24