31 December 2013

Devotional Monday: A Year Of Devo Monday's

above is a photo from a previous Devotional Monday.

It's been a year since we've started the Quiet Place, and God has seriously taken this blog places we never thought it would go. There's truth in saying: his plans are always better than our own. Cause sisters they always are, this blog is proof of that.

Also its been a year since I started Devotional Monday, when i first started this little devo, I hoped it would be a place where you get a little encouragement at the beginning of your week. Turns out, it's also encouraged me, i've shared my heart, my struggles, and everything else. It's been good.

I started out in January talking about Grace. How grace comes at a cost and we don't always like it. And then i moved on to: Seek the Things Above,

February:God's Love,Freedom in Christ, Faithfulness, Heart

March: Abide in Him, Never Forsake You, Sacrifice, Words Have Power

April: First(and only one) Devo monday blog on Prayer, Set Free, God's Wisdom,Singleness: There are more singleness posts here. Worth More Than Gold.

May: He Put's our Hearts to Rest, Be Still, Joy, Trust in His Plans.

June: Hillary did the pray for your friends one, i think i was just needing a break that day.  Finding Rest, Seasons of Life, Pray for your Friends, Control

July: we focused on beauty and God definitely challenged me, so good!  God's Beauty and Love, Beauty of the Heart, Crown of Beauty

August: we focused on self worth,  Getting into You, God's Handiwork, Bought with a Price, Shine

September: Our theme was prayer, and it was such an awesome time of digging into our bibles to see what God has to say about prayer.  PrayerFaithful in PrayerChanged by PrayerYou are More

October: Identity in Christ, and how our identity is found in him and not the world. Found in Him, The Work of his Hands, Take me Deeper

November: Relationships. A time of discovering just how much our relationships mean to us and of course our relationship with God. Friendships, Give Thanks, In the Waiting

December: Trusting in God. Knowing that his plans are far better than our own. Trust, Unending Grace, Thankfulness

In 2014 I hope to continue encouraging you my dear sisters, and i hope that this year this blog has been a place of rest for you, to get encouraged and strengthened in your relationship with God.

If there's anything you would like to see on Devo Monday in 2014 feel free to comment below with your suggestions, we would love to hear them!

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