19 December 2013

There is no Deadline

Today on the blog we have one of our awesome monthly contributors Kiki, you can learn more about her on our about page here. She is sharing her heart on this months theme Trusting in God, so we hope that you are encouraged by her words as much as we were!

You know what I've realized? I've realized that I've been giving God deadlines to meet in regards to certain milestones in my life. I dreamed of when I would have a boyfriend, get married, have a classroom of my own, and have children in my house. And the list goes on and on.

 But you know what? None of my plans came or have come to fruition according to my timing and deadlines. And you know why? Because they were all my plans and my deadlines. And not God's. The reason why my dreams haven't come true isn't because God's not listening to me or doesn't want me to be happy. Because He does care for me, He does want me to be happy, and He does listen to me. He hears every single one of my struggles and hopes and prayers. He knows I have dreams and He knows what I want.  

But He knows His plans and dreams for me. And while I don't see it yet, they're much bigger and better than any I could ever come up with. And while I know this is true, it's a struggle to accept it and live it out. I may be in love with God's perfect timing, but it's still hard for me to accept that I can't always decide when that timing will take place.

 This past week I've also learned that waiting never ends. In fact, I believe it's something we all deal with. Whether it be relationships, careers, marriage, children, or school. Waiting is constant in our life. And while it is constant, it's a wonderful reminder that God is in control. That God is patient with us. That God wants us to draw closer to Him. And that I can take tremendous comfort in. Trusting is hard, but I'm here to tell you it's worth the wait. And if you're in a waiting season like I am, know that we're at least in it together. And God's always there, too. 


  1. love these thoughts!!! i am such a planner & have been learning this truth more & more lately. my plans are nothing compared to God's & even if i don't always like it....His timing is better than mine! looking back on certain situations i see that so clearly now...how His hand was all over it....but at the time i was frustrated that my plans didn't come to pass. however, the life i have now...that God has provided in His timing....is way better than anything i could've ever dreamed up!!

    1. So true isn;t it :) God's plans are always better than our own. I think Kiki really hit that spot on, i loved it!

  2. I definitely think that God teaches me throughout each event in my life, to just rely on his timing rather than my own. It can be so difficult though, especially when you just want things to happen right away. Thanks for this reminder.

  3. That is so true Leah. It is hard to wait.

  4. This post is exactly what I needed.
    I definitely associated me not having what I want when I want it with God not caring about my happiness/ignoring me.
    This is a tough pill to swallow, but I needed to see this.

  5. Kiki, I came across this again tonight and spoke to my heart. Thanks for sharing! <3


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