24 February 2014

Devotional Monday: Love

"I have loved you with an everlasting love"-- Jeremiah 31:3
The verse above tugged at my heart strings last week when I got it in my email. I was reminded of just much God loves each every one of us, which goes perfectly along with this months theme: God's Love.  Once i read Jeremiah 31:3 i couldn't get it out of my head the rest of the day and then into this past week in those hot mess singleness moments, I was reminded that God loves me more than I can even imagine. His love is unchanging, it's not conditional or dependent on something or someone. He gives us his love weather we take it or not, he still loves us despite what we do.

The world says that love is found in a person or "Mr. Right". But Ladies, that's just a small part of love. There is greater love found in God. By seeking him and pursing him, that is where we find his love. Daily he is pursuing us, waiting for us to sit down with him and soak up the love that is found in his word, and in prayer with him.

Maybe, right now you are seeing all of your friends get engaged/have a serious relationship or have kids, and you are wondering when is your turn? Why aren't you there yet?, and today you are  down cause it doesn't seem fair, I can definitely relate. But in those times when i am wondering what's next and it feels as though I'm just sitting there waiting with nothing to keep me occupied, I remember that God loves me more than I could even imagine, and that his plans are so much better than my own. So as you sit down with your cup of coffee or tea, rest in the comfort of the words in Jeremiah 31:3. 

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