01 February 2014

What's one Place you would like to Travel to in 2014?

Today on the blog we have the five lovely ladies on our sidebar this month! This month we asked them the question: What's one place you would like to travel to in 2014?  So be sure to check out each of their blogs, cause they are pretty awesome!

What's one Place you would like to Travel to in 2014? 

Samantha: Tyler and I are really hoping to travel to Nashville this year to visit Tyler's dad. We only get to see him once a year so it's on the top of our list. We're also huge fans of the mid-west and Nashville and can't wait for all the amazing Nashville food!
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Beth: I am leaving for Florida in two days to go to Disney World so if I had to pick a second trip I will go with Seattle! My Pandora keeps advertising that there are cheap flight from Colorado Springs to Seattle and they are right! eep!
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Katrina: With this extra cold weather, the hubbs and I have been dreaming of returning to Florida—our honeymoon location—though we really love to take short trips around the country, so who knows where we'll end up this summer! Since we don't have any kids, or even a house payment yet, we figured this year is one of the best times to go!
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Susanne: There is not one place I would love to travel to this year. 2014 is the year that I will have lived in the Netherlands for 10 years. Which means I will have officially spent half of my life living abroad and the other half at 'home'. I would love to travel to all the places I have lived, so that would be Belgium, Poland, Japan and the US. All these countries have a special place in my heart and it would mean the world to me to go back to those countries any time soon.
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Jessica: This is such a hard question for me to answer! I absolutely LOVE to travel. I sadly haven't been out of the country yet, so I would be thrilled for that to happen. If I could get out of the country in 2014, I would love to visit London. It seems like the popular place to go, but its always been on my list. I have always wanted to photograph London in black and white. I've even had dreams about it!
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So, if you would like to swap with us in March, we have one spot left! Find out the details here on our sponsorship page. we would love to have you! And where would you like to travel in 2014?


  1. This is so fun! So glad I got to learn a little bit about everyone's travel dreams!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I loved hearing about where everyone wants to go as well :)


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