25 February 2014

Pursuing God's Love

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have one of our monthly contributors Kristy. She is sharing her heart on this months theme: God's love. Be sure to find out more about her on our about page

As a child of God and the daughter of a loving Earthly family, I have been the recipient of love, deeper love than I could possibly comprehend. I have been doted on by grandparents and loved on by those around me, but like most people I’ve had to learn how to love myself. When I think of a biblical example of God’s love, Hosea immediately jumps to mind. Hosea tells the story of a faithful, God-fearing man and his wife, a sinner who will not be redeemed.

To make a point, God commanded Hosea to take a prostitute as a wife. Hosea obediently did as God commanded and took Gomer as his wife. Things were great for a while, and Hosea and Gomer had several children. At some point, Gomer ran back to the life she once knew, forsaking Hosea and the life he had provided for her and their children. Again God stepped in and commanded Hosea to reclaim his wife. Most of Hosea talks of God’s judgment against Israel for turning their back on God, their redeemer, as well as God’s unrelenting pursuit of his children, much like Hosea’s pursuit of his wife.

Often we are like Gomer and Israel, blessed recipients of God’s love, yet we can’t see it and may even run from it. The world and our culture come in and paint a different picture, one of discord and discontent. I mentioned earlier that I had to learn to love myself. Like most teenage girls, I’ve had to deal with body-image issues and from time to time they resurface. I can only image what Gomer went through, with her own insecurities rising to the surface, only to have Hosea try to convince her he didn’t see her that way. Hosea simply loved as God commanded. Gomer let the world get in the way and convince her to run from that love. Like God, Hosea doesn’t stop there; he goes after his wife, his love. God repeatedly tries to convince us He sees our inner beauty, yet we still worry about all the worldly affirmation. God’s love is something we can never deserve, like Gomer, we have given ourselves away to other things and people. However, our awesome and forgiving God persistently pursues us, unconditionally loving each and every one of us like no one else ever can.

I challenge you to pursue God for a change. Hosea is a short book, sit down and peruse it. If you are more of fiction person, I highly recommend Francine River’s Redeeming Love, too! Let God show you the depths of his love and enjoy His pursuit.

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  1. I love the story of Hosea, what a great reminder of God's pursuing love. #helovesussomuch


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