28 March 2014

Jumping Ship

These past few weeks, I've been joining in over at She reads truth for the lent devotional. The past week or so it's been focusing on the book of Jonah. At the beginning of the book, God asks Jonah to go to a city and tell people about his word. But Jonah doesn't trust what God is telling him so he runs away to a city called Tarshish and ends up on a boat. The weather starts to get bad and the people on the ship ask him what has brought this on and he says that it is him, so they throw him overboard. In the meantime he is swallowed up by a fish and is in the belly of it for a while. After that he asks God for forgiveness and ultimately ends up doing what God had planned for him all along. 

This got me thinking about the times that so many of us (my self included) have been so quick to run because we were scared of what God is telling us to do. We are afraid of going outside of our comfort zone and going into the unknown. I know I felt that way when I was considering where to go to Grad school, the fear of not knowing what it's going to be like and not knowing anyone there.  Yes i can say there have been times this semester where I have wanted to run just like Jonah did. But as I have stuck it out and followed God's plan, it has been more than I could even imagine. 

It's in those times when we feel uncomfortable that God uses us for something greater than himself. He reassures our scared and trembling selves, and lets us know that with him everything will be okay. As long as we let him be in the drivers seat, everything works out. And we remember that his plans are better than our own, or at least I do.

So as you encounter those "running" moments remember that with God by your side everything will  work out, just as it did for Jonah. 

Hello all! 
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  1. Thanks so much for chosting, girls!

    1. your welcome Susannah! It was fun!

  2. Life goes so much better with God in the drivers seat, doesn't it? How often I try to push Him over and take the wheel myself, only to end up frantically asking Him to take it back! May we continue to grow in our faith and ability to let Him be the one in control of our lives. Thanks for the post!

    1. yes, so true!
      I think sometimes we forget that God's in control and not us.


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