04 March 2014

What's Your Favorite Spring Clothing?

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have the five lovely ladies on our sidebar this month! This month we asked them: What's your favorite spring clothing? Be sure to check out each of their blogs at the links below, you won't be disappointed!

 I think I'm most excited to get away from certain things... tons of layers, the same sweaters that I am wearing all the time to keep warm (I'm not really enjoying the polar vortex that is currently hovering over Michigan), and tights!  I wear skirts / dresses almost constantly, and I love it, but I can't wait to wear them by themselves—without sweater tights and large sweaters and chunky scarfs (I love those too, but after 5 months, it gets old, ya know?). To get a glimpse into my current wardrobe (and how it will be changing with spring), check out my OOTDsketches!    

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For me, Spring means light skirts, flowy blouses, and (on colder days) bright colored tights! I actually just updated my wardrobe a tad with some cute vintage pieces from my favorite Etsy shop with these very items! Can't wait!

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 spring is my favorite time of the year! i love breaking out the capris & rainbow sandals! and of course some fun colored tops & light weight pull overs! 


I love spring. I love the rain, the budding blossoms on the trees, and sitting out on my patio with a good book. I also love pulling out all of my colorful spring and summer clothes that I have stored in boxes during the winter. My favorite spring piece of clothing is my cute coral skirt! I usually pair is with a white tank top, jean jacket or chambray, and my very worn in Keds that have a floral print on them (or at least used to have a floral print). This outfit is so comfy and casual. 

As much as I would love to look lovely in flowing skirts, and cute little boots, which I do occasionally break out in, it's a terrible idea for my day to day mountain living. I like to wear clothes that I can explore the rugged, wild and unpredictable trails I play in.  Spring, for me means, thermals, merino wool, and good footwear. Today I'm wearing an Icebreaker tee, baselayer, their GT jacket and hiking socks, Arcteryx long johns under Kuhl fleece lined pants, and most importantly some sturdy Meindl boots. In the event of a downpour, I have my waterproof Arcteryx jacket and alpine pants. To complete my outfit, I'm usually wear a Canon SLR on one shoulder and my Rottweiler, Talitha, on the other. 


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