23 April 2014

Looking to God's Standards

Founders Note: Today on blog we have one of our monthly contributors Kiki. She is sharing her heart on this months theme Purity. Be sure to find out more about her here on our about page.

Purity. It's a packed word, isn't it? I think purity can be a touchy subject with a lot of people--me included. As Christians, it's something that we strive for. It's something that we know is right and yet in this world, it's seen as a negative and something that's just not realistic. It can make living life a little bit harder, can't it? I don't write this to say discourage you, but it is often the truth in our lives.

The world tells us one thing and quite often, His Word tells us the other. And that's when I came across this pin. A little reminder that purity isn't about what others tell us to do. It's not about what's cool or what the celebrities are doing (or not doing, for the matter).

It's not about comparing ourselves to our friends or co-workers. It's about doing what's right for us, what God calls us, as His daughters and His followers, to do. So no, purity isn't about the world. It's about God. No one said that living this life would be easy, but it is possible. And that's all because we've got Jesus.

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  1. What a great post, Kiki! I really think purity is different for every woman. I know some women who feel called to dress extremely modest and others who don't have to go to that extreme. But it's all about seeking God and aligning how we dress to how He has called us!


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