06 May 2014

May Sponsors

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have the five lovely ladies on our sidebar this month! Since this months theme on the Quiet Place is Rest which ties in with our mission statement of: "encouraging women to find rest in God." We have asked them the question, where do you find rest? Be sure to check out each of their blogs at the links below!

Where do you find rest? 

Katrina//Katrina Illustration and Design
I recently switched my quiet time back to the early morning—before work.  I used to do this at school, but when I began working I tried a different schedule.  It didn't work... but since I switched back, I am getting up earlier, but feeling more rested and loving than I was before! As far as re-grouping during the day or after a particularly hard week, I am rather easy to please.  Just some time when I am not "doing ___ for work".  I love spending time with my hubby, pampering myself, listening to books on tape, taking walks, shopping, drawing and chatting with my girlfriends. 

Robyn//Robyn's Nest
in our busy & fast paced world, rest is hard to find. I've learned that i have really got to be intentional about resting or it just won't get done. I've also learned that resting doesn't always mean laying down or sleeping. i rest by setting aside time to read scripture and talk with God. i rest by exercising - it gives me alone time and just a break from the hectic. and i rest by blogging - it helps me to process life. 

Rebecca// The Peach Bellini
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Rest is an interesting concept! I often find rest and relaxation while actively doing something (knitting, running and photography are probably my top examples). I find that if I am busy my brain tends to have the freedom to wander, daydream or shutoff completely. 

Shana// One Source
After a long stressful day at work, I love to relax with friends and family. Laughter is truly good medicine for the soul. I also like time to myself where I can reflect and rest my spirit from stress. In those hours, I hear God speaking loud and clear. I may have music accompanying me or I may not, but that is when I feel the most rejuvenated. If I am not at home, I find rest on a nature trail or in some type of body of water. Trees and water always do it for me

So where do you find rest?

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. love all of these answers :) thanks for sharing!

  3. I know right? Everyone had such good answers!


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