15 July 2014

Cause For Celebration

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have our monthly contributor Meg, she is sharing her heart on this month's theme Joy. You can find out more about Meg on are About page. 

(photo credit  @rendcollective-Twitter)

Have you guys heard the song “Joy” by Rend Collective?

It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but fall into worship, full of complete happiness and praise, feeling your whole self dancing with joy.

Take a minute and have a listen:

Did  you feel yourself dancing a little?  Don’t lie.
For real though. Those lyrics! They’re amazing right?

“We’re choosing celebration, we’re choosing freedom.”

Because sometimes, in the depths of despair and hard times, all we CAN do is CHOOSE to remember that there will eventually be joy again and that God is there to comfort us. In THAT we can rejoice.

How about “we’re dancing to the rhythm of your heart.”

Have you ever thought about that?

That God is the one who created joy and celebration, that when we feel that intense happiness worshipping and celebrating Him, HE DID THAT!!  Imagine getting to Heaven and being able to dance and sing like that with Jesus! So awesome!

I know I need to remember this on a daily basis.

Joy is from Jesus.  He wants us to be happy and giddy and singing and dancing. 

Why don’t we do it more?

Is it because we’re afraid? Of  looking silly? Of being thought of as weird or strange?

Or maybe it’s something deeper, like we don’t feel like we are close enough or “good” enough to dance at His feet?

“Though I’m broken, I’m running into your arms.”

Let that line float around in your brain a while.  That’s the Gospel.

We’re broken.  He fixed it so we wouldn’t be anymore.  So that we could sing and dance and life full of complete joy.

That’s cause for celebration. 


  1. love that song/video & this post! thanks for sharing the truth today!

  2. Love this !! and rend collective!!1

    Also LOVE all the work you ladies have been doing here!!

  3. Thanks so much Elizabeth! It's always encouraging to know that what we're doing helps!


"Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24