07 August 2014

Family Is More Than Blood

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have Meg. She is sharing her heart on this month's theme Beauty in the Brokenness. You can learn more about Meg and her blog on the About page. 

When I think of the idea of “beauty in the brokenness” I think of adoption. 

The earthly adoptions of our boys, and our adoption by God into his family have shown us so much beauty in the midst of brokenness, in ways that have helped us see the crazy grace God wants to give.

I think a lot of people realize how amazing adoption is, but don’t even understand half of it, and when you get to see that part of it, it becomes this thing you get so excited about and want to shout about from the rooftops.

Everyone gets that adopting a kid is great. But why? What’s behind it that makes it so great?

God and the redemptive power of grace.

Preparing a way for His plan to be made known in a beautiful birth mom,  a sweet baby, and a new family about to be formed.

We’ve had the privilege of seeing God’s plan revealed to us twice. We’ve seen two broken things; one being a beautiful lady not quite ready to parent, and two, a husband and wife so desperately wanting to start a family, but not being able to.  And then we saw how God brought those two broken things together, and used them to create something so beautiful that will impact so many lives for generations to come.  

Adoption will forever change the lives of our sweet birth mamas.  They will always be a part of our family, now that we have a shared bond.  Our sons hopefully will be able to see their earthly adoptions, and how that points back to God adopting us into his kingdom.  And for The Hubs and I, we never knew our family could look and be so beautifully knit together. 

When we look back to all the details surrounding our adoptions, we see the amazing grace and love God wants to pour out on us, adopting us into his family. 

So while there was brokenness to begin with, there can be crazy beauty coming out of it. 

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  1. I agree Robyn!
    Meg's post was so good!


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