14 August 2014

Q+A : Meet Madison

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have Madison of the Wetherills Say I Do. Personally I just love her blog and am so excited to have her on the blog today for a Q+A post to get to know a little bit more about her. I enjoy reading her blog and she even designed some of our buttons for us, she was so great to work with and I would definitely recommend her to anyone!  Be sure to check out her blog at the links below!

1.What is the story behind The Wetherills Say I do?
When we got married, we decided to write about our honeymoon every day at the end of the day as a way of remembering what happened that day. It only lasted like three days but that's how the blog got its name! I've thought about changing it before because I know it can look like it's a wedding blog or an all marriage blog but it means a lot to me to keep the name the same as a reminder of why we started it in the first place!

2.What do you love the most about blogging? 
Building community and meeting new people! I've always been a bit of a social butterfly and having the entire blogosphere at my finger tips has been incredible. I have connected with godly women and learned so much from so many blogs on all aspects of life. 

3.Since this months theme is beauty in the brokenness, where do you find beauty in the brokenness? 
Beauty in the brokenness looks a little like this to me: we are all far, far from God because of our brokenness and sinful nature. But God didn't stop there. He CHOSE us and CHOSE to pursue relationships with us through His Son dying for us. That's beauty in a very dark and broken situation. 

4. What are some goals that you have for your blog, either now or in the future? 
I hope that my blog is and continues to be a place of encouragement for people. I want bloggers to be able to come and learn about how to blog and non bloggers to come and learn about marriage and faith. I want the foodie in all of us to be inspired by my recipes and encouraged when I share how a recipe didn't necessarily go my way. I basically strive to create a place of transparency and vulnerability for others to relate to and be encouraged by. I would hate to be putting on a facade of a perfect life, because while my life is so so beautiful, it's no where near perfect and it's really important for others to see that. 

5. What song have you had on repeat lately?
Sweet Tennessee (and every song) by Judah and the Lion! I can't get enough. I also always LOVE when bands have a male and female singing, I can't stop listening to those powerful duos! 

6. What's your favorite summer recipe?
Probably this peach raspberry crisp. It's actually amazingly delicious anytime of year but with fruit being in season right now, I'll take another helping or two!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me today ladies! :) Y'all are awesome!

  2. Madison is such an amazing person and blogger. I'm so excited to see her on your blog today! Madison, I need that crisp in my belly nowwwww!

  3. Your welcome girl! I am excited to continue working with you!
    Right back at you :)

  4. I agree Jenna! She definetly is :)
    I know right? that crisp sounds good!

  5. I loved reading Madison's answers and getting to know more about her! I didn't know the full story behind her blog name -- but that is so awesome that she wants to stay in touch with her blog's original purpose!

  6. I agree Gina! She definetly has some great things to say :)
    ps. Your pen-pal note will be to you soon, i promise :)

  7. What a great idea to do on your honeymoon to preserve your memories!!! Also, I can not wait to try the Crisp!!! Yummy!!

  8. I had never heard of them untill Madison talked about them in this post, i will have to look them up!


"Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24