11 September 2014

Currently Vol: 2

Listening to | Rivers in Wasteland, Needtobreathe. Loving this album, I love driving in my car turning it up, So good! If you haven't listened to their newest album you should check it out!

Watching | Criminal Minds, I've been watching it on Netflix since all of the current seasons are on their right now. I love the psychological aspect of it and since I am working towards being a professional counselor, i love how it focuses on why people are the way they are. If you like that kinda thing you should watch it.

Encouraged by | She Reads Truth Hosea study, I know I mentioned this in my last currently post but it's just so good! And it has totally spoken so much truth into my life, I love how all of their studies just really challenge me and help me to grow as a christian women. 

Excited for | Meg and Amy's fall Etsy swap, I just signed up the other day and I am so excited to participate for the first time!

What's on your currently list? 


  1. What do you use to put text on your photo?

  2. I use Pic monkey. It's a free site :)

  3. Criminal minds is one of my favorites!!

  4. oh mine too girl! It's so good! :)

  5. Love this post! I love needtobreathe, too! I started off strong with the Hosea study but didn't get a chance to finish. I really want to though!

  6. Thanks girl!
    Oh me too, they are so good! Right?
    Oh you should! It was really good and it taught me a lot :)


"Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24