15 September 2014

Devotional Monday: Repentance

This months theme here on the Quiet Place is repentance. When I thought about this months theme I found the verse above and was reminded that our sins are continually swept clean each and every day.  In this I find comfort, in the days where I feel like don't get enough done, or I am just worn out I am reminded of his grace in my life.

When I think of repentance in my life I am reminded of all of the times that I have said "why" to God in whatever season I am in. Weather it be a season of waiting, or a season of struggle. It's always a reminder to see beauty in the struggle and the fact that no matter what God always gives me a clean slate.  Especially in those times when I wonder why I am still in this season of singleness, I stop and remember that there is beauty and purpose in this season that I'm in. There's also repentance,  and I am reminded that His mercies are new each morning, despite what I may be feeling.

So sisters, every time we run from him or mess up, God is right there to pick us up off of the ground and wipe us clean. So rest in the truth that is so intricately woven through Isaiah 44:2 which serves as a reminder of his grace in each and every one of our lives.

Where do you find repentance in your life? 


  1. "There is beauty of and purpose in this season" a great reminder for any season we find ourselves in! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I agree! It's important to remember that there is a purpose to every season and we can always find beauty in it along the way :)

  3. So good. I defiantly find it in times where I feel I've started to put trust and control in myself rather than the Lord. It is then when I remember to repent and find the love of the lord all over again

  4. That is so true! I love what you said about repenting and then finding the love of The Lord all over again. I think sometimes we forget that he still loves us even when we repent for something. His love is constant, it never changes :)

  5. I swear that everyone who writes the blog posts here is a mind reader.
    I JUST posted about the "why, God?" thing, and how I hope to use gratitude to combat that.
    I definitely need to focus on repentance as well.

  6. I love when that happens, God definetly speaks to us through in the most interesting ways :)
    That's so true, when we have gratitude for where we are at, we learn to be content where we are at and we rest in knowing that God always meets us right where we are at.


"Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24