21 October 2014

Q+A: Meet Madison

Founders Note (Britney): Today on the blog we have Madison of The Wetherills Say I do. She is someone that I have enjoyed getting to know these past few months. I love her blog, especially her recipe posts, and her newest ones weekend with the wetherills which has become one of my favorites! Her blog is definitely one that I  personally read daily, and if you have never read it be sure to check it out at the links below! I hope you enjoy getting to know a little bit about Madison and her amazing blog.

                                         1. What goals do you have for your blog in future? 
 I would love for my blog to become a full time sustainable income for my family. I have fallen so in love with blogging and when I'm doing anything else, I wish I was blogging. I felt the Lord really start to shift my passions away from corporate America a few months ago and ever since I have really felt called to make this my full time gig. We will see what God's full plan and timing is for this though. 

2. What are your favorite type of posts to write?
My favorite types of posts to write are probably the personal ones. I don't do them as often as I'd like but I have started a weekend series called Weekends with the Wetherills where the posts are totally dedicated to anything personal related. My first one was some facts about me and some of my favorite things and the second was the same type of post but about my husband! I love this series because it helps me to remember to share things about me to my readers! 

3. What are some things that you have learned through blogging? 
I actually wrote a guest post on this but the main things are time management and community building. Networking and building up a group of loyal supporters is HUGE for blogging. It's so important to have a group of people who will organically share and comment on your posts. Time management has always been a struggle of mine because I'm such a procrastinator so I've learned how to start managing my time better because of blogging but it's a long road! 

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4. With thanksgiving coming up, what's your favorite thanksgiving dish? 
Oh that's such a tough one! When I was growing up I was such a picky eater so I really only liked turkey, mashed potatoes and fruit salad. Now I love it all but my two favorites lately have been green bean casserole and stuffing! YUM!

5. How did you decide to start your design website? 
I've been doing graphic design for years but when I booked my first two weddings as a photographer, I knew I wanted a website that I could point people towards for my portfolio for both graphic design and photography. I really didn't want to separate the two and have double the marketing and upkeep so I decided to combine the two into one studio, Grace + Vine Studios

6. What's your favorite fall TV. Show? 
I am a sucker for Grey's Anatomy, so I'm always really happy when it comes back on. Another guilty pleasure is The Walking Dead. I couldn't stand watching it at first but the storyline really sucked me in. It's such an interesting show and it's not too hard to get past the whole zombie thing! 

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  1. It was fun to get to know her better. Thanks.

  2. These Q & A posts are so much fun! :)

  3. Haha 'the zombie thing' My Teenager pulled me in to The Walking Dead world and I love it. I had a hard time at first getting past the zombies but the storyline (like you said) is so worth it... Carol RULES!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this Britney! It's always a joy to sponsor you!


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