28 October 2014

Q+A: Meet Rebecca

Founders Note:(Britney) Today we have Rebecca of Caravan Sonnet sharing a little bit more about herself. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her more through this post, she has such an amazing story and I can definetly see how God is continually working in her life despite her health challenges. She has such a joyful spirit, and that is very evident in her blog as well.  I love her posts on faith and how she is so open about her health problems. So be sure to check out her awesome blog at the links below!

1.What is the story behind Caravan Sonnet
The story behind Caravan Sonnet emerged over time honestly. I had blogged on and off for a number of years on other blogs that I had but I never truly felt connected to those blogs. Two years ago I knew that life was changing in many ways (moving home, the plan to concentrate on graduate school only, taking a year off of teaching) but could never have imagined the radical ways that it was truly to change (not able attend school abroad, not able to work, health declining, becoming bed bound, relationships shifting and changing, an Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease diagnosis on top of M.E., and then cancer on top of both of those diseases and then finally additional health complications!). 
                                           2. How did you decide to start blogging?
As time continued I knew that in addition to working on the book that I am writing I needed a way to process through things that were going on, keep friends & family up to date, and to have a way to "escape" on very difficult health days. (You can read more about the name behind the blog HERE! *smiles*) A new blog seemed like the perfect fit. I was also looking for ways to improve my writing and to connect with the "outside world". I could never imagined the rich community that I have been privileged to find and to be apart of and the lovely bloggers who I am blessed enough to call friends! What a blessing!

3.Tell me a little bit about your etsy shop? 
Ever since I was a young girl I have loved to create things. I have always enjoyed using the things that others might not find as "pretty" or see as a "mistake" to create something new and beautiful. As time continued, as a high school teacher and a college professor both told me that I couldn't make it as an artist, as life got busier and busier with teaching responsibilities, and I half attempted to sell my creations on Etsy I started to believe that maybe those professors were correct. And then my health started to completely decline. 

At thirty-three I ended up leaving the career I loved, lost my independence as I had to move back into my parents house, saw my dreams of further education wan, had to use a wheelchair to walk, couldn't get out of bed without help or do the most ordinary things without lots of assistance from my parents, spent almost every waking hour in extreme pain, and traveled across the country (literally) to find answers. I was diagnosed with numerous conditions and still continued to deteriorate. Life looked incredibly dark with absolutely no joy or color. I saw over 273 specialists and doctors (many who told me it was "all in my head" or that I was "exaggerating my symptoms to gain attention") and was finally correctly diagnosed in March 2013 (on my birthday) with Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease

Six weeks later I was diagnosed with Cancer along with the Advanced Late Stage Lyme Disease. 

I was heartbroken that it taken so long to find a correct diagnosis, that my concerns over a mole had been ignored (despite being seen at some of the best hospitals in the United States), and found myself walking a long dark hallway with little light and little joy. Lyme Disease was a maze of confusion and everything I read told me that I was just beginning a journey that would last a long time. In the fourteen months since these diagnosis' I have traveled the roller coaster of emotions of moving a couple of steps forward only to take a few giant leaps backwards. I have learned through prayer and my love for the Lord how to answer the question of who I am outside of a job or profession. I have learned that I am stronger then I ever though I was and that with the Lord I can truly face any battle. I have faced the hurt of friends abandoning me in this journey and the extreme loneliness that comes with any disease. I have experienced the joy that comes with learning that there are a precious few that will walk with you not only through the good times but the incredible dark valleys. These people show the light of Christ in the most unthinkable and unimaginable bad days that come with illness. And beyond personally, this has affected my artwork in numerous ways. 

I am reminded through these people that the smallest gift can be the greatest and so I treasure using tons of small details in my pieces. I have also learned the valuable lesson of delighting in the beauty of ordinary. I have learned that there truly is light in the dark and that the Lord's light shines despite incredibly difficult circumstances and loss. And I have learned that despite incredibly painful days there is always joy and color if we look for it- whether that is from a bed (where I spend most of my time right now) or from a corner office doing a job that you love. 

And that is the mission and motto of my Etsy shop, December CaravanDecember Caravan creates unique & beautiful scrapbooks, cards, artwork, memory pieces, and family treasures out of everyday materials to inspire joy and hope in every part of your life through handmade creations. The name fits my journey of creating- walking through the "cold month" of December and creating beauty on our "caravan" or "journey" artistically and also was picked because it uses all of the letters of my first and last name (minus the "k") which I also love. The symbolism in the name of seeing joy and something unique beyond first impressions is perfect. But the name, December Caravan, and the journey of owning my Etsy Shop is not just one for right now. I see the way that the Lord has beautifully scripted this life lesson amidst pain and confusion- of finding joy and contentment no matter the circumstances. And I see a deeper lesson that I think all artists learn in their artistic journey. It is about falling your calling and your God given dreams and abilities. As I pray and marvel at the incredible talent that I see in other shops, on other blogs, and on pinterest I find joy not competition. My high school art teacher and college professor were wrong. NOT because I think that I am better than everything that I see (OH MY WORD so many people are SO talented!!) but because anyone can be an artist- it is simply an expression of who you are. My encouragement to you if you have been told that you can't do something artistically is to pray alot and step forward where the Lord leads. I see that so many people are inspired by others artwork and so am I! This artistic community is so supportive! My best advice is to not compare yourself or listen to what others say- just follow the Lord!

4.what do you love most about blogging?
Without a doubt the relationships that you develop! I think sometimes people think you have to attend conferences or meet ups and those are GREAT if you are able but even if you are primarily bedridden like me you can develop the most wonderful relationships! 

5.What's one of your favorite fall recipes?

This will probably sound overly simple but one of my favorite fall recipes is just a good cup of hot tea. (I think it is the love of England though that just inspires me to sip tea whatever the season but the fall seems like the perfect excuse with the cooler weather!)

6.Since this months theme is abiding in christ, how do you do that in your life?

This time of being sick has taught me an entirely new way to abide in Christ as I have so much time in bed, hospitals, doctors offices', etc. I have continued my devotions and Bible memory as usual but one thing that I have added in in the last couple of years is praying more through scriptures and also meditating more on scripture throughout the day. These two simple things have drawn me closer to the Lord and I truly have fallen more in love with Him everyday.

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  1. Loved this. Thanks you for sharing.

  2. Thanks so much for having me today y'all!! It has been such a delight to get to know you both over this past month!
    :) Rebecca

  3. This is beautiful! Rebecca I knew so little about the story behind your shop, and was only starting to learn about your journey with Lyme Disease! Thanks for sharing it here, you're an encouragement!

  4. I loved getting to read more about you Rebecca! Great job on this Q&A ladies :)

  5. thanks so much Rebecca for sharing your story! I loved learning more about you! I have also loved getting to know you more this past month!

  6. I am glad you loved this post! I enjoy doing these, so it's nice to know that people like them :)


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