14 November 2014

10 Facts about The Founders

Founders Note: Today We are sharing some facts about us the founders of this blog. We thought it would be fun to share some things that you might not know about us and our friendship. So we hope you enjoy reading through the facts and feel free to share some of your own in the comments!

1. I love to cook and bake.
2. i could wear a  different scarf everyday if I wanted to, yes it's an addiction I have so many of them.
3. I'm a grad student studying to get my masters in counseling at Liberty University. 
4. I'm the only person in my immediate family with blue eyes
5. I want to learn how to bake bread, if any one has any good recipe's let me know! 
6. I love nail polish. I paint my nails a lot!
7. I went to South Africa for Three weeks in January of 2011. 
8. I hate clowns. they freak me out.
9. Sunsets are one of my favorite things, i love how each one is different yet so beautiful. 
10. I love spicy food. 

1. I have my MSW
2. I love chocolate
3. I love sweet tea
4.I grew up in a small town
5.I love little kids
6.I went to Roberts Weslyan College & Spring Arbor University
7. make awesome brownies from scratch
8. Homemade mac and cheese is my specialty 
9. I have been to every major city in Italy
10. I have also been to Reynosa Mexico
And Quebec, Montreal, & Niagara Falls Canada
I have stayed in Indiana, Texas, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, & Ohio. If you count states driven through you can add Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida.

Facts about our Friendship: 
1.We met in January 2010 (at skating for tukes)
2.We have been watching HSM every time we get to visit with each other.
3.Steal Magnolias is are movie because we are like the old ladies in it.
4.We like to cook & bake together, talk, watch movies, and Pinterest.
5.We think Etsy is awesome.
6.We like to take pictures and share them.
7.Everytime we get together we always have a long talk about what God is doing in our lives.
8.We facetime  a lot! We try to once a week but sometimes that doesn't always happen

Britney: I can make homemade mac and cheese as well, my recipe is more complicated but I think both of our recipes are good. 
What are some fun facts about you? 

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  1. Too fun! 1) I have a master's in Education Administration. 2) I love desserts. 3) I've been blogging for only 8 months. :) There are a ton of more fun facts on my blog. You girls are too cute! Stopping by from the Coffee Date Linkup. Happy Friday!

  2. Aw I loved learning more about both of you!! So much fun :) I guess a fun fact about me is that I love cooking different cuisines! In our home we regularly do American, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, random fusions and are rapidly expanding our repertoire!

  3. Love learning more about you, too! Hillary, I'm jealous of your travels in Italy! So fun! And Britney that is awesome you went to South Africa! Your friendship seems so fun :)

  4. Yeah it was beautiful and sad at the same time, some things I saw were sad but it was so beautiful there. I hope i can go back someday.

  5. thanks Daisy! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    oh that's so cool! is there a recipe that you would recommend?

  6. that's cool, what are doing with your degree?
    yes. desserts are one of my favorites as well!
    I would love to check out your blog, what's it called?

  7. Sure! I have a simple Japanese noodle soup here: http://simplicityrelished.com/soba-noodles-miso-soup/

    French: potato leek soup http://simplicityrelished.com/tom-kellers-potato-leek-soup/

    and my favorite homemade granola! http://simplicityrelished.com/delicious-homemade-granola/

  8. aw thanks Madison! It was a great time!

  9. Daisy that sounds so Yummy! You're making me hungry!

  10. oh i will have to check those out! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Britney, I didn't know you are getting your masters in counseling! That is something I've considered doing before. How do you like it so far??

    Loved learning about you two! Y'all's friendship is so sweet!

  12. It's been good so far! It's definetly hard, but I am learning a lot! :)
    thanks girl! I'm glad you liked it!

  13. I am currently staying at home with my baby girl, but before I was a team leader for my English III team (high school eleventh grade). I taught for nine years and was a team leader for five. If and when I go back, I'd like to do curriculum. My blog is sevengracesblog.com. I blog about my faith, family, favorite things, and new mama 101. ;)

  14. <3 you ladies!


  15. ps. I'm missing the home-made brownies every week Hill!

  16. Love you too girl! I miss you tons! let's skype soonish!

  17. oh that's good.
    I will check out your blog for sure :)


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