03 December 2014

Currently Vol. 5

Listening: to Ellie Holcomb, and a little NeedtoBreathe.

Wrapping: well i haven't started wrapping anything yet, but that will get done soon. I've been kinda busy getting the last bit of school work done.

Making: I want to make these almond joy cookies that my mom made, and they are so good! So hopefully now that I'm done with school work i can do that.

Watching:  Gilmore Girls. I love to watch that show when I'm blogging.

Anticipating: Everything that comes with Christmas and getting to spend time with friends that are like family on Christmas Eve.

Loving: the She Reads Truth advent study, so good! i also loved the thanksgiving study, which you should definitely check out!

 Linking up : with Jenna and Anne for their currently linkup.

What's on your currently list? 


  1. Ahh Needtobreathe and Gilmore Girls! I just finished season two last night!

  2. needtobreathe + cookies = YES!

  3. I'm reading through all these currently posts and seeing Gilmore Girls come up so often... I've never watched but think I better line this up on Netflix after all the good reviews :) Always nice to have a good show to cozy up with during these cold months. Thanks for linking up!

  4. I know right? I love them both!
    Nice, i love how it's on netflix now :)

  5. I would have to agree :) Love needtobreathe and those cookies are so good!

  6. oh you should watch it! :) It's good!
    I agree, nothings better than watching tv and blogging.

  7. Ellie Holcomb is my girl!! Love her music. I totally binge watch GG while I'm blogging! Love Lorelai ;) And I am so loving SRT's studies! I'm starting one with my middle school girls youth group in January! Love this, girls :)

  8. Oh me too! She is so good!
    I know right? i love watching it while blogging too.

  9. Oh, I love Ellie Holcomb so much. Her songs that incorporate Psalms are always favorites.

  10. those are good! I love her song, "As sure as The Sun" it's one of my favorites!

  11. Haha, Gilmore Girls has been all over this linkup! So good. And guess what i'm currently watching right now. Yep, Gilmore Girls!!


"Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." Proverbs 16:24