23 December 2014

Living in Faithfulness

Founders Note: Today on the blog we have are monthly contributor Meg sharing her heart on this month's theme Ruth. You can learn more about Meg and her blog on the about page. 

Many times we read through stories in the Scripture and we tend to gloss over them or maybe think “oh that was a nice story.”

But do you realize that each and every word in Scripture has a purpose?

Each story is pointing toward the Redeemer… toward the perfect plan of Jesus Christ.

That’s just what the book of Ruth is.

A story that some can look over and not really grasp the full meaning of.

Or maybe even get caught up on what exactly she did at Boaz’s feet the night she laid on the threshing floor with his covering.  Side note: I don’t believe she did anything seductive.  One study I read said that it was common in that time for servants to lie at their master’s feet and share coverings. I think this was her asking for him to be her redeemer.

Ok… back to the overall story of Ruth.  Ultimately Ruth is about her larger purpose in life, to bear a son into the lineage that would later have Jesus born into it.

This girl who was from a despised foreign land, with no hope and nothing to fall back on, became a huge part of the story of the Messiah further on down the road.

Even though she may not have fully understood the weight of what she did, the future generations do.

Living in faithfulness, even when it seems hopeless or useless, will be part of a larger story, that may not even play out for generations to come.

Do you live with that kind of faithfulness, even if the path you’re on seems fruitless?

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  1. I absolutely love the story of Ruth. It continues to be a book that inspires me, brings me to tears, and reminds me of what all God has promised.


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