17 December 2014

The Circle: Christmas Wish List

Today i am linking up with one of my dear blogging friends Kiki of In It's Time for her monthly linkup the circle. This months theme is "Christmas Wish List", so today I am sharing some things on my Christmas wish list. I have also invited  Madison one of my Beachview ad sponsors and good blogging friend to share her wish list as well!
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1. Anthropology bakeware: i have had my eye on this for a while now, it's so cute! I love to bake, so it's the perfect gift for me. 

2. She Reads Truth Daniel Shirt: Love this shirt and the message behind it! 

3. Kitchn Cookbook: this is another thing that i have had my eye on for a while, it looks like such a fun cookbook. 

4. Give Thanks Print: I have one other naptime diaries print and i love it! 

5. Anthropology Monogram Mug: I have seen this mug on other blogs, and i love the "B" one of course! 

6. It is well Print: I just love this print from East West design Company on Etsy, the colors are so pretty! 

7. MI Stamp: This stamp would be so cute for sending some snail mail to my blogger friends.

8. Be Still and Know Shirt: I love this shirt and the message behind it as well. 

9. Pray Coffee, Repeat Mug: Love coffee and praying. so good! 

1.Happy Handmade Home: I have a hard time keeping up with any books lately, but books like this one are easy for me to just pick up, get inspired and come back to it later on. Plus, isn't it an unwritten rule that we all not-so-secretly want to be the fab ladies of ABM?

2.Boots: I've been on a boot kick lately, which is totally okay since I only have a few pairs. These boots just remind me of winter and I'm in love!

3.Food Processor: My husband actually bought me one of these last year, but the one I got has become too small for most of my projects! Having a full size one would be awesome!

4.Hope Engaged Travel Calendar: Katie is one of my favorite bloggers so when she put out a travel calendar, it immediately got on my list! 

5.Cozy sweaters: I've been on the hunt for good sweaters lately, and this one from Loft is perfect!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my list! I love everything on your list- especially the mug!!

  2. love, love, love both of y'alls lists!

  3. I've had that Anthropologie bakeware on my Pinterest "wishes" board forEVER. It's so cute!

  4. So many fun things on both of y'alls lists! Love the inspiration!

  5. Thanks Sarah! I had fun doing it!

  6. thanks girl! :)
    It was hard to pick only ten things. lol.

  7. I have happy handmade home on my list too! I just didn't put it on this one. I love that mug too, it's so cute! They have so many cute things in that shop.
    I love those boots too! So cute!

  8. Thanks girl! That would be awesome! COME TO VA! :)
    I have a feeling we would get along so well! Oh my word, and i know you would treat it well, unlike my current roommate who lets just say put one of my cookie sheets in the dishwasher, i was so mad. I put them in my room. lol!
    oh i bet it is, i think it's on blogging for books, i will have to request that for review :)


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