22 December 2014

Travel Essentials

RelayRides recently contacted us and wanted us to share our travel essentials. RelayRides is a peer to peer sharing car rental service that takes community into account when renting cars. You can also get airport car rentals as an option for people coming and going from the airport. So be sure to check out that as well on their site.

Below are a few of my travel essentials and some things that I am always sure to bring with me when traveling. It was hard to only pick a few things, but I would love to hear what your travel essentials are. Whether your traveling for the Holidays or not, there are always things that you are sure to bring with you!

1.VERA BRADLEY SUITCASE | I love having a colorful bag that I can use for travel and it's not too heavy which is good.

2. I PHONE +CHARGER | This is an essential for texting, phone calls, and keeping up with social media.

3. I-PAD +CHARGER | For reading on my kindle app, playing games..etc.

4. HEADPHONES |  for listening to music while i am passing the time at the airport or on the plane.

5. GUM | so my ears don't hurt while flying.

6. PURSE | for carrying my money in and the flight info.

7. MAGAZINE | this is usually a food magazine, where i can get new recipe ideas.

8. CUTE JACKET | cause it's always cold on the plane.

9.COMFY SHOES | for walking around the airport.

10. LOTION | for my dry hands I use eos lotion.

What are your travel essentials? 


  1. This is great!

  2. great list! lotion is a must for me, especially on airplanes, because they dry out my skin so much!

  3. Yes so true! And the Eos lotion is the best! :)

  4. yes they do, it makes my hands so soft! you should check it out! Their chapstick is good too!

  5. Color suitcases are the best! I had a green suitcase that I used for years until it fell apart and I loved how it always stuck out from the crowd of black suitcases

  6. I love that purse!! All of these are definitely on my "must-have" list as well!

  7. I agree they are! I love mine :)

  8. thanks girl! me too, it's one of my favorite purses!

  9. When my husband and I picked out new luggage a couple years ago, I picked a bright purple color and I am so glad I did...it's so much easier to spot! His black one blends it with everyone else's. ;-)


  10. Hand lotion is my biggest MUST HAVE on an airplane!!!

  11. Oh me too! I love being able to easily spot mine :)

  12. Just got back from NYC, and totally agree with all of these! My iPhone is the biggest essential, I think! Couldn't travel without it!

  13. I agree! It is definetly an essential item when traveling :)


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