17 March 2015

Curly Hair Care

Today I (Britney) thought I would share my curly hair routine with you. I have used the second product for a while but I just recently started using the first one and i love it!

Garnier Frutics Beach Babe Chic texture Spray: First i spray this on my hair to create a beach waves look. I have even used this by itself and it works great! Don't use too much of this or else your hair will become sticky. This works best on wet hair although I have used it on dry hair and it didn't work too bad. 

Garnier Frutics Curl Sculpting Cream/Gel:  I use this second, and i  comb it through my hair with my fingers. Then I scrunch my hair and twist it with my fingers to add more curl. The same goes for this one, don't use too much. I only use a "dime sized" amount of it and it does it's job in helping to prevent frizz. 
What is your hair care routine? 

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  1. I've heard of fructis and have used the smoothing spray before...it works great plus smells amazing.

  2. I think the Garnier fructis line is one of the best drugstore brands for wavy/curly haired girls that I've tried. I've only recently started to learn to love my wavy/curly hair and opt not to brush it very much to minimize the frizz. And although this may sound gross, not washing my hair everyday has helped it too!

  3. I agree it has made me like my curly hair more. And not washing it everyday does definetly help, i've found that too!

  4. I agree it does smell good! And works great! :)


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