01 April 2015

Currently | April

WEARING: My super cute pink keds. They are perfect for Springtime, i love them! 
SIPPING: Coffee out of my anthropologie B Mug, i also have a G one too, which is pictured above. 
WISH LISTING:  these lavender shoes, this phone case, and this outfit is so cute!
WRITING: Just papers for school, but i would like to write some notes to some friends. So if you would like one, let me know :) 
EXPLORING: I've been exploring new places to live these past few weeks, i put my application in at one place that i really liked. And i am looking at another on Friday, i am excited! 
LINKING UP WITH: Jenna and Anne for their monthly Currently Linkup. 
What's on your Currently list? 
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  1. I have the same anthro mug in "A"...and someone broke it :( devastation I tell you. Have a great day!

  2. I gave the mug as a gift to some of my friends! I love vintage items!

  3. I love mine. They are so cute. And would make great gifts :)

  4. oh no. that's sad. :(
    I love mine.

  5. thanks! I love them.
    I know right?! It is so cute and perfect for spring :)

  6. I have that floral sweater on my wishlist!! Love it!

  7. oh it's so cute! I love it too! :)


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