25 May 2015

The Circle May | Spring 15 Moodboard

It's May and it's time for another month of the circle linkup with  Kiki  of In It's time, who also happens to be one of my good blog friends. Today i'm joining Kiki and her co-host Jenny of Coffee and Honeycomb and i'm sharing my Spring 15 mood board.  So be sure to go over and linkup your mood board.

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The floral swimsuit, i have already and i love it! It's so cute with all of those little bows. And it was no surprise to me to find splashes of pink mixed throughout my moodboard. And the baby lips lip balm is so good, you should definetly try it!  

What's on your spring 15 moodboard? 
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  1. So many springy and bright things! I love all of the patterned items you found, especially the pineapple sneakers and the floral sunglasses. They're all perfect for the upcoming summer months, too!

    Thanks for linking up, friend!!

  2. Im not usually a Vera Bradley fan...but that is a super cute bag!

  3. flower prints?! YAS! i've been hearing alot about those baby lips lip balms--i'm going to have to try it out!

  4. I know right?!?! I love it too!


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