09 August 2015

A Special Request

Today on the blog I wanted to take some time to share with you what my good friend Katy is up to. In the past couple of years God has called Katy on missions to Ireland, India, and now to Puerto Rico. (You may remember Katy from her guest post) Currently, Katy is working as a social worker in Puerto Rico as well as living on a YWAM (youth with a mission) base. It looks like she will pioneer a ministry there called Kings kids as well as participate in events on base, which are passionate about evangelism. She just moved there about a week ago and needs to buy a car so that she can get to work. She has been renting a car in the meantime, but will run out of money for that very soon. Please consider making a donation to her Go Fund Me account to help her buy a car and pay for other expenses while in Puerto Rico. Any amount you can help with would be a huge blessing to her and greatly appreciated. If you are unable to contribute funds, please consider sharing her Go Fund Me on social media. 

In advance, thank you so very much. It is my hope that this post will help provide for Katy's needs in order for her to be able to continue to serve Christ in Puerto Rico. She has been such a blessing in my life and carries the joy of Christ wherever she goes. It is wonderful thing to see her spread joy around the world. 

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Meet Katy!
Katy & Hillary - Photocredit Katy's Instagram

I'm Katy, a girl who wants to heal the world using the love of Jesus. I have been changed by His Love, and He has proven to me His strength and ever-faithfulness. I have learned to follow my heart, and the places it leads me, as I realize that God himself made me and fashioned me to be....me, and he made me to love chocolate, socialization, and dancing. I am excited to answer his call for missions this year and will be heading off to Ireland, a place I will most likely feel very at home in. It is only the beginning. I am so blessed and humbled to have already seen His redemption in my life, followed my dreams, and being used by Him in my job arena, and other ministries. I have so much more to learn but I am glad I have all of Eternity with the Perfect Being to do so. He died for me, and He also makes live very fulfilling to Live for Him. Jesus is the reason for EVERY season.

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