07 August 2015

Currently | August

I can't believe it's August already, and in a week I will be back in Virginia and starting classes once again for another semester. It seems as though the summer as went by so fast, but anyway today i am linking up with Jenna and Anne for their monthly currently linkup. 
CREATING: Some new photos for old posts, I have been focusing on upping my photo game to my my photos more pinterest worthy. 

WISHLISTING: This cup, which would be perfect for iced coffee or tea. Also i am loving this coffee cup from anthro. 

HOPING: I will have some time to sit by the pool when i get back to my apartment in Virginia. 

WANTING TO EAT: These Jalepeno cornbread muffins look so good, i want to make them soon!

WATCHING: Anything on Netflix, lately i have been watching one tree hill, and i love that show on TLC Fixer upper, so good! Oh and i love the show Rookie blue, that's another good one. 

LISTENING TO: Lately i've been listening to Needtobreathe, Tenth Avenue North, and loving the newest 
CD from Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. 

LINKING UP WITH: Jenna and Anne for their monthly currently linkup. 

What's on Your currently list? 
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