02 December 2015

Currently | December

Wishing/hoping: I find a job soon. with school ending soon, I really hope I find one. I had a job interview almost two weeks ago (it will be two weeks this Friday). Even though it wasn't full time I hope I hear back from it soon! 

Remembering: last Christmas when my Grandma was still alive, it was fun to spend time with her and my grandpa, I think they enjoyed it. 

Wrapping: I  haven't started wrapping yet, I need to start buying things first though. 

Baking: I made Jenna's Pumpkin cookies again this week for my class party, they are so good! I have too many left. 

Decorating: I haven't really decorated my apartment other than put up my Naptime Diaries advent Calendar. Looking for a great Christmas gift? Get 15% off from there by clicking this link: http://naptimediaries.refr.cc/VZ86C8X

Listening To: I have been listening to the new Adele 25 record like non-stop, i love it! And some Christmas music, Chris Tomlins new Adore record is good. 

Linking up with: Jenna and Anne for their monthly currently Linkup. 

What's on your currently list? 
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