07 July 2016

21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex: Pursuing love with passion + Purity by Jennifer Strickland

Today on the blog I want to take some time to share with you my thoughts on reading "21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe About Sex: Pursuing love with passion + purity" by Jennifer Strickland. But first, here is a little about the book and it's author...

About 21 Myths and Jennifer Strickland

For 15 years, Jennifer Strickland lived in the world of the elite, modeling throughout Europe and the United States. Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen. She walked the runway for Georgio Armani and even appeared as Barbie for the 35th anniversary of the doll in Europe. But at the height of her career, her heart hit rock bottom, and she found a relationship with God, leaving behind a business that degraded women’s worth. Today she shares around the country about the pain women experience when their life is based on outward appearance, and points them towards a relationship with God which gives them the power to overcome any life circumstance.
In 21 Myths, she exposes the lies our culture teaches about marriage, relationships, shame, love, and the power of sex. While the book is geared towards older teens and young women, it’s message reaches many. Whether your readers are moms of teen daughters, youth leaders, women’s ministry leaders (brave ones only!), Bible study teachers (the Joshua types—strong and courageous), counselors, volunteers at pregnancy resource centers, high school teachers (private AND public – God’s not dead!), or just women in need of an encouraging word on relationships, they’ll all take something away from Jennifer’s no-holds-barred, biblically-based teaching.

A Book About Sex Love

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to review this book, but I had high hopes that over everything Jesus would be the answer. These hopes were definitely met. This book drips truth at its seams, and it is a truly beautiful thing to behold. This book speaks truth with the abundance of God's love. It gently and confidently proclaims what God intended for love and sex. It is the kind of truth I want every women to have in their hands and hearts. This book addresses hard topics well and doesn't dance around the truth. 
One of the things I really like about this book is that it addresses Satan's lies directly and juxtaposes them with God's truth found in scripture.
In comparison to many other books I have read I was very glad to find scripture used within context, and a language of reading that did not condemn the reader but offered the opportunity for their freedom. I also found this book easy to read and I think that teens will find that too. 
Sisters, I definitely recommend this book to you if you...
  • want to know more about God's view on sex
  • struggle with a desire to be loved
  • have been hurt by someone
  • struggle with sex related sin or temptation
This book is very insightful and has offered me a deeper perspective on life, love, sex, and Jesus. I hope that some of you will read it too and come back to offer your thoughts in the comments! 
It is my prayer that the truth in these pages lands on receptive hearts and that the Lord would bring healing and hope to many women through these words. 
I truly believe this book enters the world for "such a time as this". Thank you Jennifer Strickland for having such a compassionate heart for women and for braving to tell the truth about sex. 

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A Special Address to Parents
I am not a parent, though I bet if your reading this your wondering if this is a good book for your daughter. I would recommend, since this book is an important topic, and since it is short anyways, that you read it first to make that decision. However, I will say - as a tenderhearted women who once was a young teen, I feel that this book is a safe read for most teens. I feel that this book addresses the topic of sex in a safe manor and reveals only the information needed and no more. This book does address Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Abortion, Miscarriage, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transexual, Prostitutes, Strippers, Pornography, Abuse, and other things. Thus, it's probably a good idea for you to read it first. But I think if you and your daughter read it, it would be a great opportunity for open communication regarding sex and love. Perhaps an opportunity to affirm your daughter and show her her worth in Jesus is great and that she deserves to be loved and respected. 
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