The Quiet Place is a faith/lifestyle blog with the mission of encouraging young women to find rest in God. Which is founded on Matthew 11:28-30. On this blog we share devotionals, different monthly themes, products that we love, and a peak inside what is going on in our lives. Here on the Quiet Place we are passionate about encouraging women, sharing our faith with our readers, and a peak into our lives. If this is something you are passionate about or interested in hearing more about, than this is the place for you! 

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If you are interested, please email: britney.thequietplace@gmail.com

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"Working with The Quiet Place has been a lot of fun! They really are a supportive team and don't just see sponsorship's as a way to make money--they see it as a way to connect, encourage, and support others too!" | Kiki of In Its Time 

"I've really enjoyed my sponsorship with The Quiet Place! I love the content of the blog and they have been so intentional about sharing the posts that mean a lot to me. They have been so professional and personal to communicate with throughout my sponsorship. I will definitely be sponsoring again!! :)"| Madison of The Wetherills Say I do

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